terça-feira, 1 de abril de 2014

Persian Cats Characteristics

The Persians have heavy skeleton, thick and short legs and big paws. Are well muscled and of medium to large size. The neck is short and thick, broad shoulders and chest. The tail is short and proportionate to the body.

Has great and wide head, large eyes, set well apart, round and expressive head. Small ears with rounded tips and clearly separated. The nose is short of wide nostrils, with a break between the eyes and eyelids. The general expression is sweet.

Persian cats have a sweet and gentle nature and a laid back personality. They are a loving breed and enjoy the company of their caregivers.

Cats are quiet, easy-going and generally get along well with other pets and family members, although it is preferable to avoid nerve or noisy children.

His meows are smooth and discrete, and is therefore great for apartments. Cats are attached to the owner, docile, affectionate, lazy, spending most of the day sleeping on a couch or in another cozy place.

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