terça-feira, 1 de abril de 2014

History of Persian cats

The history of Persian cats in the Western world began in the seventeenth century, when Pietro della Valle introduced the first specimens of this breed in Europe.

Unknown whether early history, but it is known that the first cats of this breed came from Persia (now Iran) and Turkey in the seventeenth century. It was the Italian explorer Pietro della Valle (1586 - 1652) who brought copies of Persian cats to Italy, around 1620.

In the nineteenth century examples of this breed exists in Italy were crossed with angora cats breed in England, which gave rise to the modern breed of Persian cats.

At the time, Persian cats have become a popular breed in Europe and went to America at the end of this century. In the weekly supplement of the American magazine Harper's Magazine, January 27, 1872, an illustration of various cat shows the Crystal Palace of London appears, including a spectacle of Persian cats.

In 1950, specimens of Siamese cats with Persian cats were crossed, a new breed, the Himalayan cats having been created. Since 1984, Himalayan cats were considered by the Cat Fanciers' Association - CFA as a variant of Persian cats, despite the objection of the creators of these breeds. 

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